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Womenfolk head to the local fruit market, meandering their way through the bustling crowd with one goal in mind. To find a treasure. The ah-ha moment — finding stacks of golden ripe yellow mangoes. Jackpot! The next step is a result of years of experience in the field. They analyse the plump fruit, almost as though it hides a juicy secret that only they can decipher.

The chosen ones are carried proudly home.

Children eagerly await their return from the market, more eager now to meet them than at any other time of the year. It’s the season of joy and happiness and the whole family must gather to celebrate. It’s tradition.

The king of fruits returns home.

We are certain that mango worshippers out there are eagerly awaiting our mango-based dishes, and we aim to please. Fall in love with these dishes that are solely dedicated to the golden fruit.


_18FMIMG_6282_Mango Brownie Cheesecake (Contains Egg).JPG

Mango Brownie Cheesecake 

Did you know cheesecake may have been created on the Greek island of ancient Samos? Cheese mold as old as 2000 BC was excavated by anthropologists on the island leading one to believe that cheese was in full-fledged production at the time. We’ve got the regular and the seasonal together to create a belter of a dessert.

A rich, chocolatey slab of brownie bears a creamy mango cheesecake riddled with diced mango. A delicate glaze of mango pulp with a spoonful of cherry compote by the side completes this celebration of mangoes and chocolate.

_18FMIMG_6481_Mango Kaya Mousse Jar (Eggless).JPG

Mango Kaya Mousse Jar

Kaya, the sweet coconut jam, of the Kaya-Toast fame, native to Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, makes a delicious cameo appearance with a seasonal twist in this creamy mousse!

Chunks of sweet mango, jaggery and coconut are cooked, reduced into a velvety jam, and folded into whipped cream. Piped between layers of chopped mango and vanilla sponge, and garnished with pistachio, cranberries and more mangoes, our jar or Mango Kaya Mousse Jar is simply a spectacular dessert.

_18FMIMG_6271_Mango Cassata (Eggless).JPG

Mango Cassata

It wasn’t until the Arabs arrived in Sicily, that the Sicilians were introduced to sugar. Cassata derived from the Arabic word ‘qas’at’, which is the traditional pan that cassata is made in, is all about the Sicilians’ fascination with sugar.  A cassata with mangoes is an even more gratifying and seductive experience!

       Yellow, blue and red coloured sponges are deftly folded to fortify tiny chunks                      of mangoes and whipped cream and dusted generously                           with coarsely crushed pistachio.


Mango Bourbon

Bring those dessert spoons out and get ready to taste a dessert that is quite simply put – supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Two slabs of chocolate-chips riddled chocolate biscuits fortify a delicious spongy, cakey mixture of white chocolate, cream, condensed milk, eggs and the hero of the season – mango. What are you waiting for?! Try, now!

_18FMIMG_6648_Mango Blackcurrant Cake (Eggless).JPG

Mango Blackcurrant Cake 

Did you know that cake was derived from the Old-Norse word called ‘kaka’? Kaka meant any flour-based baked confection sweetened with honey. Our Chunky Mango and Black Currant Cake is set to make a delectable mark this mango season!

Sliced sweet mango, mango puree and black currants are folded into a creamy Vanilla pound-cake batter, topped with slivers of almond and extra black currant and baked to a golden bliss

THE MANGO SEASON BECKONS! Time to gorge on your favourite dish.

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