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Fusion desserts are all the rage and we at FreshMenu have mastered the art of bringing to deviantly different dessert styles together. Here’s a list of amazing fusion desserts that we’ve been able to craft in the last few months…


Jalebi Mousse

_17FM03999_Jalebi Mousse (Eggless).jpg

The classic Indian Jalebi dipped in pure dark chocolate and coated with saffron and silver leaf on a cup of custard mousse with pistachio and red velvet cake. Yes, it is a mouthful of pure yumminess!


Red Velvet Kalakand Mousse


Whatever your dessert priorities are, pause and rethink. The Red Velvet Kalakand Mousse has taken dessert connoisseurs by storm and is quite swiftly turning into everybody’s favourite. A serendipitous meeting of strawberry mousse, red-velvet cake, kalakand and rose petals in a cup that is solely yours… it doesn’t get better than this.


Gulab Jamun Creamcheese Mousse

An India-inspired fusion dessert, perfect for festive occasions. Taste the goodness of pure saffron infused in a French white chocolate mousse and layered over a bed of Afghani pistachio crumble. Topped with a Gulab Jamun and saffron strands, this dessert is sure to impress you.


Katli Mousse


This three-tiered delight is a fusion dessert at its finest - the very western mousse is given an Indian makeover! A layer of creamy litchi mousse and a layer of blissfully delightful chocolate cake are enveloped in a rich saffron- and orange-glaze. Kaju katli makes for the perfect jewel in the crown - here's a dessert that's a treat for the eyes as well as the tummy!


Motichoor Mango Phirni Mousse


Imagine a motichoor laddoo dressed in creamy mango-flavoured phirni and served on a bed of diced mangoes drizzled with cranberries. This is dessert, as good as it gets!


Rasgulla Lychee Mousse


All flavours of the traditional Rasagulla in the form of a fruity cheesecake mousse. A delectable lychee mousse shot sandwiched between layers of strawberry compote, mini Rasagullas and garnished with berries and rose petals.


Rajbhoj Oreo Mousse


This is a royal Indian treat with a twist. First, we created a rabdi mousse. Sounds impossible? We nailed it! Then we layered that on a cherry compote, cause rabdi and berries tastes like heaven on earth. To top it all off, we placed a delicious rajbhog in the center, with all its kesar-y deliciousness and topped it all off with half an Oreo cookie and some pistachio. It worked like magic. Try it, already!


Milkcake Mango Mousse


Craving for some mango today? Here's something that will lift your mood: our desi milk cake with a twist! Let the fresh flavors of a mango mousse create magic - the perfect dessert to bring back a smile.

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