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Why are cakes and tea, such an awesome combination? It’s almost impossible to turn down a yummy slice of a heritage cake when served with a piping hot cuppa tea!

Here’s a list of cakes and tea that we think make the perfect pairings.


Fruit Cake

Best paired with a cuppa Earl Grey, these crumble cake slices are the perfect way to enjoy your morning coffee and evening cup of tea. Bite into a fruity pound cake flavoured with currants and cherries. Topped with a nutty crumble, it is absolutely delicious.


Ragi Banana Cake

Best paired with a Masala Chai, the classic banana cake takes on an Indian twist! Toasted and ground ragi, gently folded with ripe bananas and ghee, when baked to perfection, turns into a delectable, sweet delight and an absolute guilt-free indulgence! Moreover, it’s cake and no one really needs a reason to eat cake!



             Ripple Cake

Best paired with a piping hot Darjeeling, chocolate and strawberries… a match made in heaven, isn’t it? The tartness of the strawberry marries perfectly well with the sweet, luscious chocolate creating an enviable culinary pair. We bring some nuts in for that essential crunch in your cake. Layers of dark-chocolate, strawberry and vanilla-sponge straight out of the oven are garnished with fruits and nuts while still warm and moist.