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“Your hair”, she said. “Oh, it’s a mess. Don’t mind it please,” I squealed. “It’s beautiful, the chaos is calming,” she said. I grinned, twenty-six years wasn’t enough apparently, for me to learn to take a compliment.

I met her outside office, at a café we call ‘Auntybucks’. Two teas, two cigarettes and two hours later I walked into a pole with my nose buried in her Instagram profile. Curiosity was pushing the cat inside me over a ledge. Her Insta bio read: The dark depths of a Sylvia Plath poem or the romanticism of Neruda... I am either or both. I understood why, after my chat with her… and here’s her story.

Kolkata was no place for the force of nature that was their child, her parents thought. They disguised orders coated with layers of love and sent her to medical school. Their little one would be a doctor and save the world!

Three years into med school and she dropped out. An encounter with the devil himself, forced her to pack and move. Abused physically and mentally, she decided she couldn’t do this anymore. Apathy ensued, she needed to heal herself. Her body was healing, her mind was still replaying the incident, over and over again. She moved to Bangalore in pursuit of oblivion. She wanted to start afresh, back from square one, with her happy memories still intact.

She took up a course in journalism, economics and political science – the only way she felt, she could converse with the thousand voices in her head. She sought solace in poetry and comforted her ailing soul with sonnet and sestina.

Bangalore opened doors to many opportunities for her, and one for a personal realization. She’s head over heels in love with her girlfriend, and her parents are proud and supportive for all the right reasons. She’s an active member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a talented theatre person. Spearheading the safety and consent movement together with ASQ, an LBT+ community in Bangalore, she’s using theatrical devices to talk about consent and her work has well-appreciated.

Her work has taken her places, the most rewarding of them, was when she shared the stage with Rupi Kaur, her idol, at the Times Lit Fest, Bengaluru; earlier this year. Sayantika Majumder is many things. A poet, an activist and a so much more. Her poetry is fire in motion. She speaks unapologetically and constantly questions patriarchy and the flawed world around her. A voice to reckon with, Sayantika is also a proud LGBTQIA+ individual and believes that the only thing that needs to be in the closet, is Narnia.

Our first ever performer for #SheSpeaks, Sayantika performs:


- Faustina Vinitha