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Taipei chicken rice bowl

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Taipei chicken rice bowl

Taiwanese cuisine is best described as Asian-fusion with influences primarily from the Chinese and Japanese immigrants who occupied Taiwan, a hundred miles from the Chinese coast. Besides the staple – rice and seafood – fruits are used bountifully! Inspired by the bustling markets in its capital Taipei, we toss up a daring, delish dish! A simple, veggie fried rice provides a great contrast to the spicy Taipei sauce into which diced, crispy batter-fried chicken is tossed. 


for the chicken marinated and fry

Chicken (diced) - 180gms


corn flour - 10gms

Flour - 5gms


Chilli paste - 10gms

Aromat powder - 0.5

For the Tai Pai sauce

Chopped onion - 10gms

chopped garlic - 5gms

chopped ginger - 3gms

chopped celery - 5gms

chilli paste - 20gms

Oyster sauce - 10ml

Tomato sauce - 10ml

Stock water - 130ml

Diluted corn flour - 10gms

seasme seeds - 0.5

chopped spring onion - 1

For the fried rice

Brunoised Beans - 20gms

Brunoised Carrot - 10gms

Light Soya - 10ml

Boiled Rice - 180gms

White  pepper powder 0.5gms



For the sauce

Sautee onion,  garlic,  celery in a hot pan. Add chili paste, oyster sauce, and tomato ketchup and seasoning. Finally add chicken stock to the mix and thicken it with the help of diluted corn flour and keep aside.

For the Chicken.

Marinate the died chicken with a beaten egg, corn flour, flour, salt, and aromat powder. Deep fry the marinated chicken in a hot oil until done.

Toss the batter fried, diced chicken pieces with the sauce. Garnish with chopped spring onion and sesame seed.

For the vegetable fried rice

Take the brunoised  assorted vegetables and stir fry them in a clean, hot wok. Adjust seasoning. Add the boiled rice to the mix and toss well. 

Serve the rice with the the batter-fried chicken pieces and sauce.

Taipei chickn.JPG

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