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Cantonese Veggie Fried Rice

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Cantonese Veggie Fried Rice

Dig into this interesting take on a Cantonese fried-rice loaded with ginger juliennes and capsicum. It’s sure to make you a fan of oriental cuisine!



Ginger (julienne) - 3nos

Brunoise peppers - 50gms

Carrot Brunoise - 30gms

Beans Brunoise - 30gms

Chopped spring onion - 2 sprigs

Boiled sella rice - 250gms




Light soy - 4ml

Vinegar - 5ml

Aromat seasoning - 0.5gms

Sugar - 0.5gms



1. Heat oil in a wok, add ginger julienne and other other chopped ingredients stir fry for 3-4 mins.

2.Add brunoise vegetables add boiled rice to the wok and mix well.

3.Drizzle vinegar and light soy sauce and let it coat the mix well

 4.Adjust seasoning and finish it with chopped spring onion.

Optional: Serve with chilli garlic veggies on the side.


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