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Crispy habanero chicken tenders

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Crispy habanero chicken tenders

Now here’s an appetizer that would top your list of ‘most appetizing eats’. If you haven’t made one, you’ve now got a reason to do so. Start with our oh-so-crispy Habanero Chicken Tenders! Bite-size slices of chicken are rested in with yogurt, pepper and sweet-cardamom powder, rolled in panko crumbs, fried to a crisp and tossed with the fiery Habanero spice-mix! 


Hung curd - 20ml

Garlic paste - 2gms



Green cardamom powder - 0.25gms

Lemon juice - 4ml



Other Ingredients  

Chicken - 180gms

Orange panko crumbs - 40gms

Flour - 20gms

Corn flour - 10gms


Aromat seasoning - 0.5gms

Habanero spice mix - 2gms

Oil (for deep frying)  

  Tomato salsa - 50ml



Make the marinade by adding hung curd, garlic paste and other ingredients in a clean bowl. Whisk the mixture well and set it aside.

Now marinate the chicken pieces and keep it in the chiller for an hour.  

   Make a batter out of flour and corn flour, adjust the thickness.  

Dip the marinated chicken pieces in the batter and coat it with orange panko crumbs.  

  Deep fry till golden brown and sprinkle habanero spice mix and serve.