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Penne Alfredo

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Penne Alfredo

Alfredo di Lelio wished to cheer his wife up by serving her a tempting yet wholesome meal. He created a luscious cheese sauce to toss pasta in and the Alfredo Sauce was born. An ode to his genius, here’s our take on this much-loved recipe.



Bell peppers (diced) - 10gms

Carrot (diced) - 10gms

Zucchini (diced) - 10gms

Onion (diced) - 5gms

Blanched Broccoli florets - 10gms

Parsley (chopped) - 2gms


For the sauce  



Fine chopped onion -  6

Bechamel sauce base - 100gms

Veg stock - 30ml



Fresh cream - 20gms

Parmesan cheese - 2gms

Oregano - 0.5gms

Grated nutmeg - 0.25gms  

Boiled Penne pasta - 180gms

 Garlic bread - 1



1. Take a clean pan add oil and butter, add chopped onion and sautee till translucent.   

2. Add the herbs and vegetables and toss it well.   

    3. Add the Bechamel sauce base, the veg stock and mix till the proper consistency is achieved. Adjust seasoning. 

4. Add the fresh cream and add the blanched penne pasta toward the end.       

5. Toss the mix well. Make sure it maintains a thick saucy consistency. Garnish it with grated nutmeg, Parmesan cheese, and chopped parsley.


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