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Gone are the days when dinners were consumed the minute they were served. People are mapping food to memories and its all the rage. Reason? You might have murmured ‘Instagram’ without even knowing it and you couldn't be more right.

It is the digital era after all, with instant access to creating memories in high definition and recalling them in under a nano-second. And if something as simple as that could get you rewards, well that's just the icing on the cake, no?

We are keen on rewarding your Instagram efforts, but you need to make the first move. 
Here’s all you need to know:

·  1. Place an order with FreshMenu, any dish on the menu. Done?

·   2. Click a picture of the dish(es). Get creative!

·   3. Post it on your Instagram feed with the hashtags:
#FreshMenuFoodies #FreshMenu

·   4. Stand a chance to win ₹4,000 in FreshMenu Food Credits!

And in case you were wondering how to take good Instagram food shots,
here’s a crash course:


FreshMenu Food For Thought — Feb-March 2018-12.jpg

While, you're at it, take a look at the some of our winning clicks!


This makes all those hours spent on instagram, absoulterly worthwhile. Doesn’t it? Well, what are you waiting for. Order. Click. Post! 

Check out and order food online now!