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March on to find some veggie love!

Freshmenu Blog
March on to find some veggie love!

Vegetarianism is a popular lifestyle choice. There are many reasons that people prefer veggie food over meaty delights. It has its health benefits and yes, they taste absolutely delicious. Tantalize your taste-buds with these veggielicious delights. From wraps, pizzas, to steaks  delve into some veggie love!


Kadhai Mushroom Masala Rice Bowl


Kadhai, the essential Indian kitchenware like the Chinese wok, has and continues to dish out many a delicacy. Unlike stir-frying, a kadhai demands that the spices and condiments are fried slowly and over a period to let the rich essential oils out. Fresh button mushrooms and crunchy bell-peppers are sautéed and simmered in a tangy tomato gravy before freshly roasted and ground spices are blended in. Served with the aromatic jeera-flavoured rice, this meal is comfort food at its best. 


Cantonese Veggie Fried Rice


Ginger. The condiment that makes or breaks the deal. It might be the most beneficial to anyone, health wise – but it does have its equal number of haters and lovers. Dig into this interesting take on a Chinese fried-rice loaded with ginger juliennes and capsicum. It’s sure to make you a fan. Served with a portion of chilli-garlic veggies.


Paneer Tikka Wrap


We take a gift from global cuisine, the wrap, straight to the heart of Punjab for a pleasant transformation. Bite-size smoked paneer tikka and fresh juliennes of onion wrapped in a laccha paratha, smothered with a layer of spicy mint chutney that will leave you hungry for more! 


 Three Cheese Mushroom Pizza (Veg)


There are many reasons to indulge in this Italian innovation that's loved by almost everyone alike – but we give you the most important one: cheese! This cheesy trifecta comes loaded with mozzarella, cheddar and feta cheese and is topped with mushrooms, sautéed spinach, olives and diced tomatoes. Cheesy, oozy and just plain delicious!


Bulgarian Cottage Cheese Salad


Our head chef isn’t from the Balkans, but his Bulgarian Cottage Cheese Salad is quite the heart-throb – tomatoes, English cucumber, peppers, lettuce and feta cheese are tossed with love in a refreshing red-wine vinaigrette!


Tex-Mex Cottage Cheese Fajita Steak


One of the favourites on our menu, this signature bowl comes with cottage cheese steaks and re-fried bean sauce, fajita spice flavoured veggies served with cilantro rice and sour cream on the top. Experience a dash of Mexican flavors with every bite!


Have you found your favourite veggie-delight yet?

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