A US based food colouring and extracts company found a clever way to market their products during World War II by using posters and recipe cards that showed the public how to create red-coloured cakes. The marketing ploy turned out to be super successful and quite literally, painted the town red! Red-velvet pops – the perfect on-the-go dessert to satiate the sweet-tooth in you! Here’s how you can make these pops at home. 

Here's the magic recipe!


For the base

Red velvet mix - 1 kg

Oil - 400 gms

Water - 1/2 litre

Strawberry compote - 200 gms

White chocolate - 200 gms

Dark chocolate - 50 gms


1. Ready the red velvet sponge using the red velvet mix and cool it.  

     2. Take the fresh strawberry compote and fold it into the mix to form balls.

        3. Dip the miniature spheres in melted white chocolate and chill.       

 4. Drizzle dark chocolate over and sprinkle red velvet crumbles and serve!

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