It’s the best way to make your delicious breakfast, nutritious! Made with overnight soaked
steel cut oats this healthy dish is made irresistible with peanut butter, bananas, curd and
loaded with caramel sauce and nuts, all in a jar. This classic breakfast dish will have you
in the bag from the very first spoon!


Steel cut oats (Soaked overnight)- 60gm
Hung curd - 75gm
Cream - 30gm
Maple / Pancake syrup - 20ml
Banana - 100gm
Sugar - 30gm
Strawberry - 1
Mint sprig - 1
Cream - 50gm
Peanut butter chunky - 30gm
Roasted crushed peanuts - 10gm
Honey - 5ml

Preparation Method

1. Soak steel cut oats overnight. Strain and set aside

2. Mix soaked oats, hung curd, cream, pancake syrup

3. Caramelize sugar in a pan and toss sliced bananas and keep aside

4. Mix peanut butter and cream in a bowl and keep aside

5. Apply some peanut butter on the sides of the jar with the back of the spoon

6. Put 70gms of the caramelized banana on the base of the jar and layer it with the oats
mixture and leave it in the fridge to cool

7. Top it with peanut butter cream mix, crushed toasted peanuts

8. Place caramelized banana slices on top along with sliced strawberry and serve


Try this breakfast dish at home and tell us how you liked it! For more of these delicious treats order from our menu today.