The day of love beckons. The mad rush to find the most impressive gifts for loved ones, secret crushes, and new found love — officially begins! And as the official Cupid for the romantically stupid, we got your back! Be it for the foodie in you or the foodie with you, there’s always some love that can be found on our menu!

Cupid's Jar 1.0.jpg

Love in a Jar

We've managed to capture a little love in a jar and we'd like you to have it! Dark-chocolate soaked sponges are layered with white chocolate cream, coffee almond crumble and dappled with sweet blueberry. Dark chocolate sprinkles comfortably rest on this yummy dessert. Go ahead and share the love!

Cookie Crush 1.0.jpg

Cookie Crush

Love makes you do the strangest things, craving cookie dough included! A buttery layer of cookie dough is nestled between two layers of soft dark-chocolate sponge and topped with fluffy whipped cream. A crisp sheet of white and dark chocolate rests on the cream complementing the cloud-like texture of the pastry, perfectly! 

Cookie Hearts 2.0.jpg

Cookie Hearts

Love letters take the form of cookies... there’s no better way to describe adorable little munchies. Heart-shaped honey cookies are dipped in yummy white-chocolate with a hint of raspberry. Sweetly put, it takes two (cookies) to really make those three magical words work!

Game of Love Cookies 1.0.jpg

Game of Love Cookies

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘love spell’ is our box of Game of Love cookies. If at first, they don't understand you, spell it out! And 9 cookie squares is all it takes! Cookies squares are dipped in white chocolate with the letters ‘O, I, L, O, E, Y, U, V’ on them. Play the Game of Love and let that special someone decipher what your letters mean. Hint: It acronyms into ‘ILU’.

Hearts of Love 4.0 (1).jpg

Hearts of Love

Say it with a cookie! They say that a way to anyone's heart is through the stomach and these cookies make that journey super easy. Two cookies are filled with a fruity, jammy mix of deliciousness and baked to perfection. Topped with some fun edible confetti, these cookies are crunchy, jammy, and just plain yummy!

Love Cake 3.0.jpg

Love Cake

Red velvet is the colour of love and a red velvet cake is probably closest to what love could taste like! Squared red velvet sponge-cakes are soaked in a strawberry crush and layered with cream cheese and sprinkled with red velvet crumbs. A red gel-heart placed on the pastry and chocolate shavings complete this dessert. A love song in the form of a delicious dessert!

Li’l Choco Palmiers 4.0.jpg

 Li’l Choco Palmiers

The original heart cookie; we all have given these little hearts to at least one of our crushes! The original little hearts — the very very French palmier. Puffed dough is molded into tiny hearts and baked with cinnamon and sugar. Dipped in dark chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate, and sprinkled with pistachio slivers — this is love the good ol’ way.

Love Lollies 1.0.jpg

Love Lollies

Romantic gestures must evolve with time and so, leave the flowery proposals to the yesteryears and express your love with our Love Lollies! Honey-infused cookie dough is cut into adorable hearts and placed on wooden sticks. The heart gets dipped in a decadent dark-chocolate mix and is chilled, making sure it holds shape. Bouquets of flowers are so passé, try a bouquet of Love Lollies this year, instead?

Triple Choco Crunchies 1.0 (1).jpg

Triple Choco Crunchies

What’s better than one kind of chocolate on a cookie? Three kinds of chocolate on a cookie, obviously. And when it’s white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate that’s crumbled into soft cookie dough and baked to excellence, you know you’ve done half the job on Valentine’s Day by just gifting someone these Triple Choco Crunchies.

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