The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, and at the end of the week… you eat a pizza. The rule cannot be messed with. It’s that simple. No matter the time of year or where you are from, we’ve got a great combination of cheese, sauce, toppings and bread for you!

Meaty Fiesta Pizza

Little did the Italians expect the pizza-mania to spread like wildfire when pizza-making began back in the day. Pizza makes everything better, but an extra-meaty and extra-cheesy pizza lends some meaning to your day, no? Keeping that in mind, we give you the mighty Meaty Fiesta Pizza! Chunks of barbecued chicken, sliced smoked-chicken-frankfurters and chicken ham shroud your pizza, while a generous amount of mozzarella creates a cheesy blanket-of-bliss! Heaven will be much closer with this pizza in hand! Serves 2.

Indulge, already!