Kundapura town boasts a whole range of delicacies that tourists throng to taste, but Kundapura Ghee Roast stands out. Driven by poverty, Padmavathi and her husband Tejappa started an eatery in 1958, with Padmavathi leading the charge creating a range of ghee-roast recipes for eggs, chicken, fish and crab. As their business flourished, their children took over and launched a new eatery named Anupama in 1973. Only three people from the family, alive and well, hold the key to the secret recipe of ghee-roast masala. In the hands of our chefs, the celebrated Ghee Roast takes a magical turn. Chicken drumsticks marinated overnight in our specially crafted hot and sweet ghee-roast masala are cradled and cooked on high-heat in a tomato-based gravy whose flavours are heightened by the curry leaves, jaggery and coriander until roasted. Served with brown-rice pilaf, our Ghee Roast Chicken is a tribute to Padmavathi’s humble creation.



Chicken Drumstick – 1600gm

Turmeric Powder – 6gm

Hung Curd – 200gm

Salt – 15gm

Oil – 30ml

Deghi Chilli Powder – 10gm



Ghee – 80ml

Onion Chopped – 400gm

Curry Leaves – 10gm

Ginger Garlic Paste – 25gm

Tomato Puree – 300gm

Chopped Green Chilli – 10gm

Salt – 10gm

Turmeric Powder – 10gm

Deghi Chilli Powder – 10gm

Coriander Powder – 20gm

Jaggery – 5gm

Chopped Coriander – 15gm


Roast Masala Paste

Dry Kashmiri Chillies – 40gm

Coriander Seeds – 20gm

Cumin Seeds – 20gm

Black Pepper Whole – 15gm

Fennel Seeds – 10gm

Fresh Red Chillies – 20gm

Ginger Fresh – 15gm

Garlic Cloves – 30gm

Lemon Juice – 30ml

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Preparation Method



· Marinate the chicken drumstick with turmeric powder, deghi chilli powder, hung curd, salt, oil and let it rest for 2-3 hours

For Roast Masala Paste:

· Soak Dry Kashmiri Chillies in hot water for ten minutes

· Add water and make a fine paste with all ingredients required for the Roast Masala

For Gravy:

·  Heat ghee in a pan and add curry leaves, chopped onion and fry till brown.

·  Once done, add ginger garlic paste, then tomato puree, chopped green chilli and cook.

·  Now add the powder spices and cook for some time.

·  Add a little water to avoid burning of the masalas.

·  Then add the roast masala paste and the marinated chicken drumstick into the pan.

·  Allow the meat to roast well with the masala added.

·  Now add water and let the chicken cook along with masala.

·  Add a little jaggery at the end.

·  Once chicken and gravy are cooked. Adjust the seasoning and finish it with ghee, lemon juice and chopped coriander.

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