Gone are the days when diet plans were frowned upon! Diets have become smarter with time — they can be tailored to tackle specific issues, the meals taste divine,  and the icing on the cake… they work! Keto is one such powerful diet that consists of meal plans that are low in carbs. Dieting isn’t about losing the extra inch anymore, it’s more about creating a healthier you.

Here’s few of our soul soothing Keto meals that is deliciously healthy!

Keto Herb Crusted Chicken in Creamy Cheese Sauce


    If you’re worried that you’ve missed the Keto-trend bus, don’t. Our Keto Herb Crusted Chicken in Cream Cheese is just a stop away!

Twin Keto Chicken Steak Bowl

_18FM00725_Twin Steak Keto Chicken Bowl (Non Veg).jpg

       Our tasty twin chicken-steak bowl tastes as good as it looks and is crafted to be a Keto sensation! 

Diets are trending and for all the right reasons! Stay on top of food trends, check out today and order food online!