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The McCormick® Flavour Forecast® 2018 predicted the return of the omelette and it couldn’t have been right(er)! The omelette is here and how! FreshMenu’s new eggs-to-order is all about delicious omelettes and gives you enough of choices to choose from. If eggs are what you crave, this is the menu to raid.


Plain Omelette

The simplest, yet the most-loved version of the omelette, speculated to have been feeding hungry stomachs since pre-history, is served with two slices of our buttery garlic bread.


Masala Omelette

India has since long, lovingly adopted this very French omelette. From train stations to gourmet Indian-restaurants – masala omelettes are always on stand-by, a result of interlacing the good ol’ omelette with a quintessential masala, making it even more irresistible. Served with two slices of garlic bread, we give you the fluffy, flavourful and fantastic masala omelette.


Cheese Omelette

Omelettes have hidden many a stuffing in their gentle folds, but nothing beats cheese. Served with two slices of fresh-from-the-oven garlic bread, our cheese omelette is what good memories are made of. You would agree… try it!


Lamb Pepperoni Cheese Omelette

Exciting quick-eats begin with a pizza-like omelette! This classic omelette appeals to all your meaty cravings and promises to satiate them with a single bite. Served with two slices of garlic bread, here's an omelette that you will definitely dream about! Cheesy, meaty and eggylicious, just how quick-meats must be.

lamb pep.jpg

Chicken Ham ‘n’ Cheese Omelette

The brekkie classic, the omelette, gets a mighty, meaty twist! This fluffy celebration of beaten eggs is stuffed with oodles of cheese, peppers and sliced ham. Served with garlic bread, this eggy-licious dish is your delicious protein dose for the day, good for an anytime quick meal. 

chicken and ham.jpg

Chicken Bacon Omelette

Bacon and eggs, the combination does not get classier. A regular on the American breakfast-menu since before the American independence – bacon and eggs are the west's favourite breakfast-couple. Imagine discovering bits of bacon in an omelette that’s lighter than air! Served with two slices of our garlic bread, this is an omelette that guarantees instant gratification, at any time of the day. 

chicekn bacon.jpg

Roasted Veggie ‘n’ Cheesy Omelette

We've found the perfect way to integrate winter-veggies with this eggy delight – winter-veggies tossed with a classic pesto and tucked away in an uber-soft, cheesy omelette! Try this eggs-travagant all-day snack, full of veggie love, served with two slices of soft, buttery garlic bread.

roasted veggie omelette.jpg

Omelette Mexicana

The humble omelette is given a boost of Mexican flavours with jalapenos, crunchy peppers, baked beans and stuffed with cheese. Cutting into a cheesy, peppery, Mexican-style omelette that is served with two slices of our garlic bread, is a great excuse for a quick meal at any time during the day!

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Available between 9am to 11am and 3:30pm to 11pm, every single day on our menu.