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Salisbury steak

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Salisbury steak

Did you know that the popular Salisbury Steak was invented in a streak of madness? A doctor called James Salisbury who treated soldiers during the American Civil War had some mad ideas about toxins and diseases and believed that a low-carb diet high on meat could cure everything. Obsessed with meat, he designed a recipe for the ultimate steak. We give the legendary steak a British-Italian culinary twist – British-roast-seasoning infused succulent chicken steak is doused with spicy BBQ sauce and served with a humble veggie-macaroni folded into a luscious béchamel. 

Chicken leg boneless - 150 gms

British roast seasoning - 8 gms

Garlic (chopped) 4 gms




Macaroni pasta (blanched) - 90 gms

Zucchini (triangles) - 20 gms

Bell peppers (triangles) - 20 gms

Button mushrooms - 30 gms

Onion (chopped) 15 gms

Garlic (chopped) 3 gms

Cheese 20 gms

White sauce 20 gms

Fresh cream 30 gms


Parsley (chopped)

BBQ sauce - 25 gms

British roast seasoning

Chilli flakes - 0.5 gms

Stock -30 gms

1.Thaw and clean chicken leg boneless, marinate with British roast seasoning, salt, pepper, chopped garlic, oil.

2.Let it marinate overnight. Sear on a grill/hot plate, cook in oven till done. Cut vegetables as specified. Heat oil in a pan, saute chopped onion, garlic. Add button mushroom, bell peppers and zucchini, saute for a while.

3. Add white sauce, cream and cheese sauce, season and mix well. Check sauce for consistency. 

4. Add blanched macaroni and toss well. Finish with chopped parsley and fresh basil. Heat BBQ sauce while adding stock to it. Add British roast seasoning and chilli flakes. Bring to boil and adjust consistency and serve.

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