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Chili con carne or Chili is a spicy American dish, that originates from Texas. It is a stew that contains chili peppers, tomatoes and/or beans. This relish comes with cheesy slow cooked assorted beans with tomatoes and chilies, served with slices of parsley garlic bread.



Chilli Bean Mix

Rajma - 60gm
Black eyed beans- 60gm
Onion chopped - 10gm
tomato chopped - 40gm
tomato puree - 40gm
Capsicum chopped - 20gm
Garlic chopped - 5gm
Mint - 2gm
Coriander - 10gm

Cheddar cheese sauce

Butter -10gm
Garlic chopped -2gm
Parsley chopped - 1gm
Hot dog bun 6" - 2 nos

Preparation Method

1. Pressure cook all the beans, tomato, onion, peppers until soft and mushy

2. In a pan saute onion, garlic and add the cooked bean mixture, add tomato puree and paprika. Cook until the raw taste disappears

3. Add cheddar cheese sauce and cream to finish the chilli bean. Check seasoning

4. The mixture should be of pav bhaji consistency.

5. On order transfer the chilli bean mix to a soup container, add a dollop of cheddar cheese sauce, place a mint sprig and pick up

Parsley garlic butter & Bread

1. Slice 2 hot dog buns 6 " diagonally as shown

2. Coarsely blend chopped garlic, parsley and butter, keep aside

3. On arder, apply garlic butter on the sliced hot dog bun, flash it in the oven until golden brown



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