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Whats Holi without a cold shot of Thandai? We take the legendary North-Indian favourite and give it a sweet little twist. Thandai infused mousse is layered over butterscotch nibbles and sweet strawberry compote and topped off with mango glaze. Soft rose petals, succulent black currants and pistachio slivers adorn this decadent dessert keeping you coming back for more!




Vanilla pre mix  - 100gm

Oil - 400gm

Water - 400ml



For Thandai cream mix

Thandai mix - 50gm

Whipped cream - 500gm

For mango cream mix

Mango filling - 50gm

Whipped cream - 500gm

Strawberry compote - 40gm

Butterscotch nibbles (crushed) - 30gm

For glaze  

Mango filling - 30gm

Cold glaze - 30gm

For garnish

Rose petals - 30gm

Pistachio slivers  - 30gm

Blackcurrant  - 30gm


Preparation Method

Prepare an eggless vanilla pound cake mix , bake and cool it.

Place it at the base of the mousse cup. Crush the butterscotch nibbles and sprinkle around the sponge.

Prepare the thandai mousse and pipe over the butterscotch nibbles and spot strawberry compote randomly around the mousse cup.

Pipe a layer of mango mousse around the jar.

Glaze the mousse with mango glaze and garnish with rose petals, black currants and pistachio slivers.



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