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Rainbow pastry

Psychedelic and sweet on the inside -- this Rainbow pastry would be the perfect cake to bake this Holi season! If you’ve ever wondered what a rainbow tasted like, well, now you can finally know. Layers of vanilla pound-cake coloured in the shades of the rainbow are blanketed with sweet cream-cheese and topped off with red-velvet crumble. Tell us if you spot a unicorn, okay?

For base

Vanilla premix  - 1000gm

Oil - 400gm

Water - 400ml

Cream cheese - 100gm

whipped cream -1000gm






Red velvet premix - 1000gm

Oil - 200ml

Water - 200ml


Preparation Method

Prepare an eggless vanilla pound cake mix, and red velvet sponge premix separately.

Add the colours into the vanilla batter in batches and bake them separately based on colour.

Prepare a cheese cream mixture and layer between the layers and chill the cake.

Finish the final layer with red velvet sponge crumbs.


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