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Moroccan Tajine Salad

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Moroccan Tajine Salad

   Not many dishes are named after the vessel that they are cooked in, but there always always exceptions to any rule. The Tajine is no ordinary vessel, it's beautiful to look at and and is overly used  by the people of North Africa and Morocco. This ethnic inspired salad comes with yummy roasted pumpkin, velvety yogurt, Moroccan five spice seasoning, Moroccan mint seasoning, cooling mint leaves, sweet prunes, couscous, cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves. Talk about flavour and it will manifest in the salad!


Boiled Chickpeas - 50gm

Sliced Zucchini halves - 20gm

Sliced Carrot halves - 20gm

Couscous - 30gm

Cherry Tomato halves - 10gm

Pumpkin Slices - 50gm

Prunes - 5gm

Roasted Almond flakes - 5gm

Black Olive halves - 3gm

Chopped Coriander leaves - 2gm

Chopped Mint leaves - 2gm

Green Lettuce - 10gm

Rocket Leaves - 10gm

Lollo Rosso - 3gm

Chopped Parsley- 2gm

Salt - 5gm

Black Pepper Crushed - 1gm

Moroccan 7 spice powder - 5gm

Fresh Thyme - 1gm

Cucumber Mint Dressing - 50gm

Sumac Powder - 1gm


Cucumber Mint Dressing

Hung Curd - 350gm

Finely Chopped Garlic - 10gm

Grated Cucumber - 100gm

Moroccan Mint Seasoning- 30gm

Chopped Mint Leaves - 10gm

Black Pepper Crushed - 3gm

Lemon Juice - 10ml

Sugar - 5gm

Salt - 5gm


Couscous Mix

Couscous- 300gm

Mirepoix - 10gm

Chopped Mint Leaves - 10gm

Chopped Coriander Leaves - 10gm

Salt - 7gm

Black Pepper Crushed - 2gm

Lemon Rind - 2gm

Refined Oil - 5ml

Butter - 30gm

Brown Onion - 40gm

Water - 600ml


Preparation Method

1.Take pumpkin slices and marinate with fresh thyme, chopped garlic, salt, pepper and oil and keep in the oven for roasting.

2. Blanch carrot and keep aside.

3.Take little oil in a pan, add a pinch of chopped garlic and saute zucchini for two minutes.

4.Season with salt and pepper and remove

5.In a bowl, add chickpeas tossed zucchini, blanched carrots, roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes.

6.Add Moroccan 7 spice powder with chopped mint, coriander and parsley.

7.Put the salad greens on the base of the bowl and save few leaves to garnish on top.

8.Add half the quantity of the couscous and Moroccan spiced tossed veggies.

9.Add ¼ cut prunes and roasted almond flakes. Garnish with some salad and mint leaves.

10.Drop 5 dollops of mint and cucumber dressing. Sprinkle Sumac powder and serve.

(Special Instructions)

[Cucumber Mint Dressing

Sugar in the dressing should be adjusted to the tanginess of the curd.

Preparation Method

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, adjust seasoning and keep aside.

Couscous Mix

Preparation Method

Put oil and saute mirepoix in a heavy bottom pan.Add water and let it boil.

Once the water starts boiling, add the remaining ingredients and check seasoning.

Cover the pan with a lid.

Turn off the flame and let it rest for 10 mins

Now remove lid from the pan and mix the couscous nicely. Check seasoning and keep aside.]

Moroccan Tajine Salad - 240 kcal (Veg).jpg

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