The serious case of munchies is almost instantly solved by eats that are deep-fried or bathed in cheese – we see the health-conscious millennials disapprovingly nod. But, hey, did you know that some of these ‘no-no’ dishes were created out of necessity? A few were even created at a bored royalty’s whim with the solitary aim to impress. Others were a result of stashing away essentials while waging wars.


You may have noticed that the simple Margherita pizza resembles the Italian flag – all too coincidental, we think. But here’s how the popular pizza got christened: The year was 1889, Queen Margherita of Savoy and her husband were on a visit to Naples. Margherita was rather vexed with the gourmet French-food that was all the rage across Europe at the time. Raffaele Esposito, a famous pizza-maker from Naples, was summoned and commissioned to create three pizzas. While the queen disapproved of his first two creations, Pizza Marinara (garlic) and Pizza Napoli (anchovy), the third pizza made with tomato, mozzarella and a sprig of basil caught her fascination and she, of course, loved it! Esposito was only too happy to name the pizza after her.



French fries aren’t French, they are Belgian. Belgian lore suggests that villagers living in Meuse Valley often fried the tiny fish they caught from the river. As the lake froze during winter, the villagers turned to potatoes for their fried meal, and thus the first-known ‘French Fries’ were born. Then why ‘French’ you ask? Here’s why! The official language of Belgium at the time was French, and during World War I, American soldiers posted in Belgium, for the lack of creativity and not knowing what else to call the delicious fries, named them French Fries. Decades later, we still call them French Fries! Wedges are only the healthier version of fries, if you know what we mean.



The patty in burgers had quite an uncomfortable beginning. It is believed that Mongol soldiers cached raw beef under their saddles while they set out for world domination. All that time spent between the men and their horses’ bottoms, the meat became tender enough to eat raw. Eventually, Mongols brought their creation to Russia and the patty took shape in safe hands.


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