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Refreshing. There is no better word to describe salads.

Light, super-healthy, and the best part — the ingredients are ALWAYS fresh! 
Perks of being a seasonal-produce-based dish. The variants of the salad are many and exploring them might just take a lifetime. We break down the salad for you and tell you what goes into the different types of salads out there.

Green Salads


The classic, the Mona Lisa of all salads, and a vegetarian's delight! Fresh greens and raw veggies (or pickled) are staples of this sort of salad. The trick to making a tasty green salad is to use farm fresh ingredients!

Dinner Salads


These salads are meals in a bowl and they often contain some form of protein! Chicken, bacon bits or sea-food can go into the making of these delish salads! 

Bound salads


Salad ingredients that are ‘bound’ with any creamy sauce – simple to explain, but extraordinary to taste, that’s your typical bound salad. Potatoes, tuna, and even peas are used as hero ingredients in the salad.

Fruit Salads


No matter what your age is, somewhere along the line, you would have crossed paths with a fruit salad. As dynamic as that sounds you know it’s true. Fruits were always the main elements of the salads, however with time, leafy veggies and cheese variants were added to the mix.


Salads can do wonders for you... if only you let them!

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