Tempers rise. Arms flail. Cuss words spew. Spoons fly across the kitchen. An apologetic embrace follows. The typical Italian ‘ill-tempered’ sojourn and the literal definition of the Arrabbiata sauce! Arrabbiata in Italian means ‘angry’, and if the piquant sauce hasn’t left you teary-eyed only to be made up by the sweetness of the tomatoes, then the sauce hasn’t been cooked right! A handful of seasonal vegetables and fussili done just right are tossed in a chunky tomato-concasse simmered in chilli oil. Finished with a glug of olive oil, torn basil and chilli flakes and served with a bread roll, our ‘angry pasta’ will pleasantly surprise you!



Green zucchini half batonnet - 15gm

Yellow zucchini  half batonnet - 15gm

Peppers Half batonnet  - 40gm

Carrot Half batonnet  - 20gm

Sliced onion - 10gm

Broccoli florents (blanched) - 10gm

Arrabbiata sauce 

Tomato concasse - 80gm

Fine chopped garlic - 5gm

Fine chopped onion - 8gm

Fresh basil - 2gm

Dry origano - 2gm

White wine vinegar - 4ml

Olive oil - 5ml

Salt - 2gm

Pepper - 3gm

Veg stock - 20ml

Chilli flakes - 4gm

_17FM09349_Fusilli Arrabbiata (Veg).jpg

Preparation Method

Arrabbiata sauce

Take a pan, add chopped garlic, chopped onion and fry till it turns translucent.

Add chilli flakes together  with the tomato concasse and cook.

Then add origano and white wine vinegar.

Season it well with fresh basil leaves.

Finish it with olive oil.

For Pasta

Heat oil and add the raw vegetables with the blanched vegetables.

Blanch fusilli pasta in hot water.

Add sauce to the vegetables.

Toss it in high heat and garnish it with fresh basil and chilli flakes.

Now it's time to enjoy this delightful pasta. Watch this space for more interesting recipes from our menu!

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