The focus on health has gone berserk this year and the world of food is going gaga around locally sourced, natural and ancient superfoods. We at FreshMenu have beaten trends to their own game and bombarded our menu with healthy eats, long before it became trendy.


Locally Sourced


All of our fresh produce is locally sourced. Be it our fresh salad greens or our veggies and meat. We’re all about supporting local producers and farmers and our seriousness towards this cause reflects in every bite of our fresh food.




There’s literally nothing better than food in its natural form. The best foods for the human body are when they’re consumed in their most natural forms. With cooking techniques that centre around keeping the goodness of our fresh food contained within the dish – it’s no wonder we’re a favourite with the fitness and health conscious.


Ancient Superfoods

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Our focus on ancient superfoods began a while ago and we slowly increased our love by moving from new world grains like amaranth and quinoa to old world grains like kodo, barnyard and foxtail millet. The fact that the Govt. of Karnataka appreciated our efforts goes a long way in explaining how committed we are to the cause.


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