There’s literally no sane non-vegetarian on earth who’d pass a dish filled with sausages. Loved the world over, these capsules of meat pack a delicious bite. Broil them, fry them, roast them or eat them raw – they’re always just as appetising as they look. Here are three sausage favourites that are best sellers on our menu:

Sausage Breakfast Bowl

_18FM00693_Sausage Breakfast Bowl (Non Veg).jpg

The first meal of the day needs to be healthy, hearty and filling just like our one-of-a-kind breakfast bowl. Chicken frankfurters, spicy masala omelette and crispy toasted bread are made bowl-ready with a large dollop of saucy baked beans. This is just what you need to give you the energy kickstart for a great day.


Masala Pepper Sausage Hot Dog

_18FM01269_Masala Pepper Sausage Hot Dog (Non Veg).jpg

Some credit the Americans for the hotdog while others believe that 'Frankfurters' were responsible. While the debate goes on, help yourself to our take on the legendary hotdog! Sliced sausages are tossed with crunchy peppers and a hot onion-tomato-masala and placed between two slices of soft, onion-marmalade smeared hotdog bun. Savoury, tangy and spicy explosions of flavours is what this hotdog is all about!


Chicken Sausage Pepper Fry

_17FM08867_Chicken Sausage Pepper Fry (Non Veg).jpg

Tender bits of chicken frankfurters are given a twist with Indian flavours! These bite-sized chunks of sausages are stir-fried with onions, hot green-chillies and the quintessentially South-Indian curry leaves. Finished off with powdered black-pepper and a dash of lemon juice, this is a fantastic party ‘starter’! Get it?

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