Eastern Europe is a land of mystery. And unlike dishes from Western Europe that are often hidden under the garb of continental cuisine, Eastern Europe is often ignored on global food maps. We pay tribute to Eastern Europe through these three delicious salads

Bulgarian Cottage Cheese Salad

_17FM04979_Bulgarian Cottage Cheese Salad - 155 kcal (Veg).jpg

Our head chef isn’t from the Balkans, but his Bulgarian Cottage Cheese Salad is quite the heart-throb – tomatoes, English cucumber, peppers, lettuce and feta cheese are tossed with love in a refreshing red-wine vinaigrette!


Russian Salad

_50B3531_Russian Salad - 152 kcal (Veg).jpg

A salad that is staple in most Soviet households, was first known as Olivier, named after the Russian chef of Belgian descent Lucien Olivier who invented it in the 19th century. He fiercely guarded the original recipe until one of Lucien’s spurned sous-chefs let the recipe out. Wait… should we thank the sous chef? When fresh assorted vegetables, greens and fruits are tossed in a creamy mayonnaise dressing, you know that it’s ought to be refreshingly delicious.


Greek Roast Chicken Salad

_16FM07467_Greek Roast Chicken Salad - 192 kcal (Non Veg) (1).jpg

This delicious salad is rich in protein and packed with a variety of fresh flavours! A healthy mix of crunchy bell peppers, mixed lettuce, juicy black olives, soft feta and roast chicken is dressed in Dijon mustard and oregano dressing. Leaves you feeling absolutely awesome by the end of it.

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