Good things come in two’s, like this crunchy and super-healthy salad that contains Pearl and Foxtail millets. The grains are blanched and mixed with sweet pomegranate pearls, sprouts and chopped olives, and then served with a magical citrusy dressing made with kaffir lime, lemongrass and red chili mixed in with a vinaigrette and honey. Craving the salad already, are we?



For Julienned Vegetables

Julienned carrot – 20gm

Julienned radish – 20gm

Sliced blanched French beans –10gm

Blanched and julienned bok choy – 20gm

Sliced spring onion – 2gm


For Millet Pomegranate Sprout Salad

Boiled foxtail millet – 40gm

Boiled pearl millet – 30gm

Pomegranate pearls – 15gm

Mix sprouts blanched – 50gm

Cherry tomato halves – 5gm

Chopped black olives – 4gm

Chopped coriander – 2gm

Salt – 0.5gm

Pepper – 0.5gm

Lemon juice – 4ml

Olive oil – 3ml


For Dressing  

Fine chopped fresh kaffir lime leaves – 1gm

Fine chopped lemongrass – 1gm

Lemon juice – 5ml

Chopped red chilli – 0.5gm

Sesame oil – 2ml

Vinegar – 2ml

Honey – 15ml

Vinaigrette – 30ml

Light soy – 2ml


Preparation Method

_17FM09003_Foxtail Millet Pomegranate Sprouts Salad (Veg) (1).jpg

For Julienned Vegetables

Take all the julienne vegetables and steep in ice chilled water.

Take it out and remove the excess water with the help of a tissue paper.


For Millet Pomegranate Sprout Salad

Take a separate bowl, add the blanched julienned bok choy and pomegranate pearls and adjust seasoning. Now add chopped olives, chopped coriander and adjust seasoning and then add blanched mix sprouts and millets.


For Dressing

Take a clean bowl and add chopped kaffir lime, lemongrass and chopped red chilli. Add lemon juice, sesame oil and other ingredients for dressing. Whisk it well, add vinaigrette, honey and keep aside.


While Serving

Toss millet salad separately with the dressing.

Toss julienned vegetables separately with dressing.

In a container add the millet salad as base and top it up with the julienned vegetables.

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