The only kind of grilling that you could bear! Steaks, the WORLD LOVES STEAK and we understand why. We've curated an exclusive menu that truly celebrates the mighty steak, with global classics and some local favourites — there's something here for every palate.

Welcome to our BBQ and Grills fest. 

Texan BBQ Steak with Herb Pilaf

There are plenty of states in the US that boast barbeque joints, but Texas take the cake. It is said that while on a Texan road-trip a true smoked-meat lover’s dilemma isn’t building an itinerary but limiting herself to the temptation. From the land of true-blue barbeque, we bring you our take on the Texan BBQ Steak. An A-class steak of chicken rested in a rustic paprika-tomato marinade, is grilled to a sizzle, doused with sweet and hot barbeque sauce and served with a portion of herbed-buttered rice and roasted assorted veggies.


BBQ Cottage Cheese Steak (Veg)

Paneer, the unaged fresh cheese that has remained the mainstay of Indian vegetarian cooking, is believed to have been introduced by the Portuguese. In the 17th century, they taught the natives of Bengal to develop moist, acid-set cheese by ‘breaking the milk’ or curdling the milk using the acidity in lemon juice. Paneer’s versatility allows it to be lent to different styles of cooking – in this case, barbeque. Diced, moist paneer and assorted seasonal veggies are marinated with Worcestershire sauce, paprika and thyme, char-grilled and served with warm, herbed and buttered rice and a luscious barbeque sauce, making this veggie hot-pot the perfect go-to vegetarian-meal. 

Salisbury Chicken Steak (Non Veg)

Did you know that the popular Salisbury Steak was invented in a streak of madness? A doctor called James Salisbury who treated soldiers during the American Civil War had some mad ideas about toxins and diseases and believed that a low-carb diet high on meat could cure everything. Obsessed with meat, he designed a recipe for the ultimate steak. We give the legendary steak a British-Italian culinary twist – British-roast-seasoning infused succulent chicken steak is doused with spicy BBQ sauce and served with a humble veggie-macaroni folded into a luscious béchamel. Serves 1.

_18FM04473_Salisbury Chicken Steak (Non Veg).jpg

Worcestershire sauce, sriracha, barbeque sauce and the star ingredient kasundi mustard combine gracefully and work their magic into the chicken that’s rested well before being grilled to its succulent best. Served with the trio of buttered, herb-rice, sweet, roasted assorted-veggies and a hot barbeque-sauce, this meal will take you to your happy place. 


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