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Christmas Comes Home with FreshMenu

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Christmas Comes Home with FreshMenu

Another December is here with lots of merriment and cheer scheduled on our to-do list. With Christmas and New Year closer to the corner than ever, we can’t help but imagine every kitchen abuzz with a list of festive eats on demand. Worried? Don’t be!

Inspired by the spirit of the season and our own mission to deliver happiness, we’re prepped with a magical list of Christmas recipes, waiting to be cooked and brought over to your home.This season, Christmas comes home with FreshMenu!

Let us take you straight to the North Pole, home to one of our most popular orderers. Read on to find out how our season’s special treats brought a little bit of love, joy and magic home to his near and dear ones this Christmas.

The Spicy Cottage Cheese Steak

Spicy Cottage Cheese Steak with Ratatouille.JPG

Christmas is a magical time of year for everyone else in the city, but for old Rudolph, the story was a little different. It was years before Rudolph became Lead-Reindeer Santa’s sleigh, but that meant more late hours, long shifts and worse, no offs on Christmas eve!

One night, as Rudolph finally touched hooves at the North Pole something lay waiting at his doorstep. As he opened the FreshMenu box, his antlers jingled to see a juicy chunk of cottage cheese, accompanied by a delicious medley of zucchini, capsicum and tomato Ratatouille. “May your little red nose shine bright tonight” read the note, signed “HoHoHo” at the bottom.

It was the beginning of Christmas come home!

Malfatti with Oven Roasted Carrot

Winter was often a merry time at the Claus household. The siblings wore matching stalkings, Ma made everyone’s favourite pot roast and Pa always brought presents!
However, for the littlest Claus, the large red bag of presents didn’t matter. What mattered is having Papa Claus home! So while the rest of the world was asleep, he waited up to catch Rudolph’s red nose flash in the distance till his Papa come home.
One such night, the wait seemed long. As his eye lids struggled to keep up, little Noah finally heard a knock on the door and rushed to open it. Standing outside was FreshMenu delivery boy with a hot box and some spoons.
Half disappointed, he closed the door behind him and opened the box. Delicious dumplings of spinach and ricotta with warm oven roasted carrots and his favourite, basil sauce!
There was only one person who knew how much he loved Malfatti!
“Thanks Papa” he said under his breath, as he dug in and enjoyed his Christmas favourite at home.  

Chocolate Black Velvet Jar

Chocolate Black-Velvet Jar.JPG

Wrap, pack, label and sack- the little green Elves at the North Pole had their work chalked out for them during this time of year! Kevin wasn’t too far behind on the schedule. He had been on label duty for years and nothing made him happier than picking up the names from Santa’s “NICE” list and putting them on the many colourful and exciting gifts that were passed down by the packing team.

It was on such an evening while Kevin was going about his usual labelling business, when he encountered a strange box, wrapped, ribboned and surprisingly, labeled! The box read “FreshMenu” and while Kevin knew Santa always made the orders, he was confused about the name it was addressed to.
“To Kevin”, it read. Confused, he dared to open the box and see what was inside. To his merry pleasure, he found a delicious jar, filled with Dark Chocolate, cream cheese, whipped cream and rice crispies! Just the dessert he was waiting for after a long day.

Looking up, Kevin saw a shimmer of red pass by the door and knew who had labeled his Christmas present.
“Merry Christmas Kevin” he chuckled to himself and grabbed a spoon!

The Christmas Parfait

Just like every other housewife around the North Pole, Mrs. Claus’s home was also a-bust with friends and family and cheer! But of course, this meant that Mrs.Claus did not catch a break from the kitchen- morning, noon or night!
The Elves were held up at the gift factory and the kids were busy playing with uncle Frosty, so Mrs. Claus made all the cakes and roasts by herself.  
After a long night of cooking, Mrs. Claus woke up a little late one morning. To her amazement the house was quiet. No screaming, no shouting, just pin drop silence & the crisp winter wind.
Walking down to the Christmas table, she saw something. Wrapped in a pretty box, the FreshMenu label had a note stuck above it-

“Merry Christmas Love”

She slipped it off and opened the box to see a delightful parfait, colourfully laid with exotic Kiwi, rich banana and her favourite- Plum Cake Crumble!
Marrying Santa was the best Christmas decision she ever made.

Christmas Meatloaf

Terry Claus was the lesser known sibling among the two Clauses. Not as much of a traveler like his brother, neither as big and lovable, he preferred to stay indoors and read books while his Santa hosted lavish Christmas get togethers at the North Pole.
This Christmas was no different. All of the Clauses were at Santa’s place and they had somehow forgotten to send him a memo. Terry sat by his giant bay window, reading an article about Grinch that stole Christmas when suddenly, he heard a distinct knock at the door.
It was 12am in the night and not many folks preferred to come out in the stinging winter cold. Terry sheepishly opened the door to find a warmly dressed FreshMenu delivery boy standing at his doorstep with a box. Taking it in and closing the door, Terry noticed a handwritten note at the edge:
“Christmas isn’t the same without you, little bro”
Opening the box, Terry smelled the familiar whiff of minced meat with his favourite cheese stuffing. “Meatloaf” he exclaimed!
It almost felt like Christmas came home this time!

Shepherds’s Pie

IMGL5429_Shepherd's Pie.JPG

Come December, Santa was used to being in demand! There wasn’t an ad, a song or a sweater in most households that didn’t call out to him.  
After a long night of slipping through dry and dusty chimneys, Rudolph finally took Santa home. Walking into the door, Santa realised all of his family was asleep. Even Timmy!
The food on the table was out cold and after covering all of the artic region, Santa was in the mood for something hot! Without blinking, Santa picked up his phone, a sort of hope surging in his heart.
“Could it be on the menu today?” he thought while he opened the FreshMenu app on his phone. A few scrolls later, there it was.
“Shepherd’s Pie” on the menu. A little “Ho Ho Ho” escaped his mouth as he merrily made his order and waited for his steaming hot pie of ground lamb, vegetables and fluffy mashed potato to reach his door.
Christmas was 45 minutes away for Santa!