Catch These Food Trends

Trends are not restricted to the fashion industry alone, food trends are catching on and how!

Get with the times and take heed of these trends that are here to stay.


Ethnic Inspired Cuisines


Exotic and edgy — 2018 will take the ethnic route when it comes to food,  with a slight detour. Rather than a country’s cuisine spoken about as a whole, it's the city or town’s renowned dishes that will bask in the limelight. Quesadillas for breakfast or a Chengdu Chicken bowl for dinner, ‘glocal’ will take on a whole new meaning


Ancient grains


Grains are making a comeback. Quinoa, millet, amaranth, to name a few have entered mainstream cooking and quite possibly will become staples of households just like they were during ancient times.


Protein from Plants


Meat doesn't have to be the only source of protein anymore, From leafy veggies to legumes —

the grass is definitely greener on the other side and protein-packed too.


Pickle Everything


From lemon to chicken, pickled foods are gaining traction this year. Although an acquired taste, a lot more people are consuming pickles on a regular basis — crunchy, zingy and bursting with flavor, it's quite obvious why.


Savory is The New sweet


Lift the ban on desserts and indulge — guilt-free. Savory flavors weds sweet in a marriage made in confectionary heaven. Colourful and instagram worthy ice-creams and eccentric desserts, like coriander ice-cream and fusion desserts inspired by main courses will be making waves in the market.

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