The English Breakfast- A Breakfast For Champions

A wise Englishman once said, “All happiness lies a big fat breakfast”. All around the world, people eat good food; but in England people eat good food, they have great table manners and they know how to enjoy the biggest meal of the day.


An Age-Old Tradition


The English Breakfast ages back to the 13th century and is directly or indirectly derived from the Anglo-Saxons. During this period, the houses of the nobles and the royal clan always started their day with a big breakfast and headed out to hunt later on. Breakfast was when the cooks showed off their produce of fresh vegetables and meat from their very own farms. With the dawn of the Victorians, this breakfast meal got an added touch of elegance while preserving its ancient heritage.  


What makes the English breakfast a breakfast of champions?

The English breakfast is a colossal collaboration of textures and tastes. It includes toothsome baked beans and bacon, juicy pork sausages, mashed potato or hash browns, bread toast, fried eggs and the divine tea taken after the meal. Sausages and bacon are ever present and essential meat components of the full English breakfast. Black pudding is, however, an extremely popular addition, particularly in the North of England. This wholesome meal did not differentiate the working or the upper class. Everybody enjoyed this meal without settling for any of its ingredients-from the barber to the bard.

All was well until the WW2, due to the scarcity of bacon and eggs the English breakfast was reduced to ‘a weekend affair’.


What’s the English Breakfast without the tea?


Folks in the English countryside have always relied on a hearty cup of tea to start the day right. It is traditionally eaten over a newspaper known colloquially as a fry up, and tea is a must to complete this Royal meal!


To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day.

In Scotland, Wales, and even Ireland, you can find English breakfast with the national name - Irish breakfast or Welsh breakfast. But the full English Breakfast is a century-old British tradition that's tasty, nutritious and more than just filling.


Hearty, simple, delicious, developed to feed the colonial empire, which in its time influenced the rest of the world. The food and cooking of England are steeped in history and heritage yet the modern face of British food presents a dynamic and thriving cuisine, now followed intensely around the world.


Are you a champion? Try the Full English Brekkie!