Feature 7

With an eye for everything beautiful and big dreams in her heart, Priyanka knew that she'd make a difference, one design at a time. Today, she's the Creative Lead at FreshMenu and an amazing doodler.

Here's a little about how art shaped her into who she is:
When your passion and career go hand in hand, there's nothing like it. Since my childhood, art has been a part of me. Liberating and joyful, it comes straight from my heart. Now, heading the creative team at FreshMenu, I'm happy too see how wonderfully things have changed: from scribbles on a note pad to designs that represent the brand.

And I have to say, it's sometimes so distracting to look at pictures of food the whole day. I get so hungry! But I guess that's just another excuse to order from Freshmenu :)

If there's something I can never get enough of, it's the Lava Cake In A Jar and the Creamy Spaghetti Charcuterie. It's divine!