Remember last year's resolution and how it lasted for a day? Yes. We failed too.

To stop history from repeating itself, we’ve dug out four cool reasons for you to stick to this years ‘stay fit, stay healthy’ regime. We believe miracles happen every day and some of them come in the form of food. 

Here are five kick-arse foods that you need to incorporate into your diet, now!



If you think it's just tea, then you couldn't be more right. Everyone’s familiar with green tea, but as Batman is to Bruce Wayne so is Matcha to Green Tea! It’s an antioxidant powerhouse that possesses cancer preventing properties, thanks to the high content of catechins. Add to the list, its superpower abilities to torch fat!

Acai Berry


The next time you stop by your fave smoothie bar, ask for an Acai Berry Smoothie or better yet an Acai Bowl. Pronounced ‘a-sah-ee’, these little drupes are not just loaded with antioxidants, they also possess anti-ageing properties and help boost the immune system. And the berry on top of the cake? They taste delicious.



‘Nutritious and healthy’ – we’ve heard that phrase a thousand times before. So what sets Quinoa apart as a miracle food? Quinoa is a ‘pseudo-grain’ which means it's actually a seed but treated as a grain in cooking. Consisting of all nine essential amino acids, this complete little protein package is also 100% gluten free.


shutterstock_452910046 (1).jpg

The food of the ancient world has made quite an epic comeback. Effortlessly filling the nutritional gaps of vegetarians, these little miracle-grains are now considered to be the next best alternative to the staple of half the world – white rice. 



Refreshing and unique –  this leafy, aquatic plant which was once used as mere garnish for dishes, is now looked at as dietary supplement, which helps in decreasing the risk of diabetes, cardiac issues and obesity.

So, if resolutions were all about tinier waistlines and eating right, these little miracle foods will help get you that much closer to your ‘health goals’ before next year’s resolutions kick in.