Feeling guilty that the ‘I-will-eat-healthier’ decision that you so meticulously noted on your resolution app is collecting virtual dust? As much as you blame your addiction to junk food being the root cause, we have THE alternative for you. Binging doesn't necessarily have to involve unhealthy foods. No, sir! We suggest you pick up those forks and spoons and binge on these delectables... without remorse.


Choose healthy fats



Avocado, olives, and walnuts they contain fat too! But this fat is good for you. Avoid saturated fats and go nuts about these healthy substitutes.

Munch on root-veggie chips


A bowl full of crispy potato chips isn’t half as tempting as root-veggie chips. These chips that can be made from carrots, zucchini, butternut or squash are colorful, textured, and of course, crunchy. All you need now... is dip!


Eat smoothies


Give the store-bought smoothies that are overly shot with sucrose and faux fruit flavors a good shove and scoop into a yogurt blended smoothie bowl with real juicy fruits. Good for you and your tummy.


Eat light, snack healthy, and most importantly follow a consistent meal-plan. Binge your way to a fitter you before the year draws to an end. There's no better way!