While 2017 was all about shiny, new things, it looks like the food forecast (on eater.com) for 2018 is going old school. Trend lists have already been published and nostalgia is in! These are the old, comforting ones that caught our attention…


Nostalgic Food


Memories always have a strong link to food. The aroma of spices from freshly made pickle that filled your childhood home; the joy of digging into a bun maska; or even a glass of milk with biscuits – all of have these wonderful childhood moments, we love going back to. Trend lists predict nostalgia food will make a comeback this year, and we’re totally lookinG forward to it.


Authentic Ethnic Cuisine


2017 saw a rise in fusion food, where chefs got experimental with cuisines, mixing and matching one delicacy with another. However, this year, we’re going back to basics-made-better and we aren’t complaining! We can all look forward to enjoying our favourites in their authentic avatars, just the way they’re meant to be.

Pizza is back and how!


The weather forecast says it’s going to rain pizzas this year and we’re doing our happy dance! This is one global favourite everyone loves, no matter how it’s served! Though we’ve all tried pizza with exotic toppings like seafood, desi fusion or even Maggi (Ewwww!); it looks like this year, it’s the return of classic old faves. Hail Margherita!


*information sourced from original text presented on the website.