Is there a soul out there who dislikes potatoes? We think not! The most versatile veggie (tuber to be more accurate) is loved and consumed by half the world's population on a daily basis, and the South-Indian's love for potatoes is eternal! Be it breakfast, lunch or tea – one or several potato preperations always grace the table. Sold by food vendors across the region and made often in South-Indian households, Aloo Podimas is one such famed Sou’thindi’. Baby potatoes are fried till they’re golden and crisp, and coated with a spicy masala, cumin and fennel seeds. A side-dish or just a quick snack, Aloo Podimas works both ways!

Check out the recipe for this lip-smacking appetizer.



Baby Potato - 2000gm
Chopped onion - 600gm
Ginger garlic paste - 20gm
Mustard Seeds - 3gm
Cumin seeds - 3gm
Curry leaves - 2gm
Fennel Seeds(crushed) - 5gm
Chopped green chilli - 10gm
Bhoot jholokia Spice Powder - 10gm
Lemon Juice - 10ml
Chopped Coriander leaves - 20gm
Butter - 30gm
Tomato puree - 100gm
Refined oil for deep frying

_18FM01483 Aloo Podimas .jpg


Preparation Method :

Cut Baby Potatoes in to half and par boil it with salt.

Strain and keep aside.

Once cooled, deep fry till it turns golden brown and crisp.

Heat Oil in a Pan.

Temper mustard and cumin seeds and crushed fennel seeds.

Add green chillies, chopped onion and saute till onions becomes translucent.

Add gignger garlic paste. Saute till raw flavour of the paste goes off.

Add  Tomato puree and cook well.

Now add fried baby potatoes, bhoot jholokia powder, chopped coriander, lemon juice,

butter, salt and pepper.

Voila, yummy aloo podimas that's ready to be eaten.


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