The secret to an excellent omelette starts with the quality and freshness of the eggs," says renowned chef Jean-Paul Prunetti and we couldn't agree more! A match made in heaven would definitely be eggs and cheese! Omelettes have hidden many a filling in their gentle folds, but nothing beats cheesy filling. Here's how we do it – fresh eggs are beaten, poured over assorted veggies and fried till just done, a generous amount of cheese is grated over the omelette, folded and served hot with two slices of fresh-from-the-oven garlic bread! Cheesy-eggy delights are what good memories are made of, wouldn't you agree?

Here's how you can cook this simple yet classic dish at home.


Eggs- 2nos

Chopped Onion

Chopped Tomato Deseeded


Crushed Black Pepper

Refined Oil

Chopped Coriander


Grated Processed Cheese

_18FM01116_Cheese Omelette (Contains Egg).jpg

Preparation Method:

Heat oil and butter in a non-stick.

Add chopped onion, tomato, chopped coriander.

Saute till its cooked.

Add seasoning into it  along with beaten eggs.

Let it cook flat on both sides

Once cooked, add grated cheese on top and serve folded.

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