Sneaking a chip or two while you’re trying to lose a kilo or two is pretty inevitable. Although snacking cannot be avoided, there are good alternatives to oily, fried, and flour-doused eats.


The next time your mind calls for a snack, train your hands to reach out and grab one of these delights!


Nutty Trail Mix

Nutty-Trail--Mix-web--2017_08_12 (1).jpg

Take the nutty trail when you're out there in search of a snack! Crunchy cashews, peanuts, cranberries, roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sultana raisins are tossed in an easy-carry pack for your convenience. All the joys of snacking and none of the guilt. You’re welcome!


Fresh Seasonal Fruits

_50B3744_Fruit Bowl.jpg

Hands-down the best snack in the world! No fat, no cholesterol, no feeling like you've committed a crime after gorging! Good for you and tasty beyond measure – is our big bowl of fresh, juicy, and yummy fruits.


Barnyard Millet Fruit Bar

_17FM07882_Barnyard Millet Fruit Bar (Eggless) (1).jpg

Millets are versatile, and we’ve always said that! This delish fruit bar revolves around good old millets and is the perfect on-the-go snack! These feather-light bars have rice crispies, nuts, millets, and chocolate. The perfect breakfast snack for all you busy-bees out there! Works perfectly fine at any other time during the day, too!


We know suppressing cravings are impossible! Well, we say… give in to the temptation with these snacks that love you back!