Asian rice bowls are trending like crazy! The world is going bonkers over these crafty and compact meals that are no-fuss and super delicious! Here are three of our Asian bowls that are already super popular on our menu…


Teriyaki Chicken Hot Pot

Our most-favoured bowl, this delicious bowl with a Japanese twist to a Chicken Hot Pot has already garnered 10, 276 five-star ratings from across Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

_16FM08552_Teriyaki Chicken Hot Pot (Non Veg).jpg

If it's Japanese, it's got to be Teriyaki. This fine delicacy comes with a warm bowl of fried rice layered with tangy, sweet Teriyaki sauce. Cooked with tender chicken pieces and plenty of greens including leeks, onions and crunchy bell peppers. Prepare to be delighted.


Hoisin Chicken Hot Pot

The second-best selling bowl is our Hoisin Chicken Hot Pot that has been a regular favourite on FreshMenu. With 7,502 five-star ratings, we’re pretty sure a lot of people love this Chinese-inspired favourite.

Hoisin Chicken Hot Pot (Non Veg).jpg

This East Asian delight is a delicate balance of oriental flavours. Juicy boneless chicken is grilled and glazed in hoisin sauce to give it a sweet and salty flavour. This is served with aromatic fried rice and will have you savouring each bite to the fullest.


Thai Minced Chicken Rice Bowl

The Thai's know how to do spice and most of our loyal customers seem to agree. With a gourmet take on the Thai Red Curry, this delicious rice bowl already has 6,022 five-star ratings and we’re sure the number is increasing as you read this.

_17FM00524_Thai Minced Chicken Rice Bowl (Non Veg).jpg

Experience a burst of flavours in this bowl of minced chicken and rice. Cooked in an aromatic mix of Thai red curry paste and oyster sauce, this is the ultimate Thai treat. Served on a bed of aromatic basil rice and boiled eggs, this is one of our most celebrated dish.

From Chinese food to Thai food! Find your favourite Asian dish on our menu today!