Not to 'eggs'agerate, but eggs are the best thing that happened to humanity. They are so versatile and easy to work with! It almost makes the chef within us, cry. They adapt, blend and transform so well when handled correctly, yet, they’re super fragile and can break at any time, just like our fragile egos!


Here are the top five reasons why eating an egg is great for you:


Proteins, proteins and more proteins:


Eggs are packed with proteins. They are regarded as the best source of protein, after chicken, of course! Eggs can help build new and repair old tissue. They are not just the best source, but are also the highest quality of protein. They score a full 100 in the protein rating scale.


Vitamins are vital:


These oval shaped goodness boats also contain all the right vitamins. Eggs contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin E. The vitamins perform various functions like aiding growth, repairing damaged tissues, creating red blood cells etc. An egg a day ensures your body gets all the essential vitamins you need.


Helps to lose weight:


Studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast helps to cut down extra calories that might be consumed throughout the day. One large egg contains 6gms (approx.) of protein and keeps you full for longer, thereby cutting out the need for unnecessary snacking in between meals. Eggs also contain the good kind of cholesterol that the body needs.


Keeps you at the top of your game:


The protein packed superfood contains all the essentials nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It boosts your immunity and helps you stay healthy. Presence of thyroid hormones, selenium and iodine help in keeping you in the pink of health.


Helps you stay smart:


Eggs are known to promote brain health. Choline, an essential nutrient that helps in development of memory function, is found in abundance in eggs. One large egg will provide 28% approx. of the choline requirements in pregnant women.


Eggs are great. We’re surprised there isn’t a religion based on them! For now, however, why don’t you take an eggy break and indulge in our amazing all-day omelette menu. Eggs-to-Order, cause we know you like doing things your way.


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