Here’s a new fresh take on Indian cuisine. Our chefs have brought an innovative twist on old favourites that’s both delicious and heart-warming. And one such classic is the Murgh Rajputana with pilaf.


Rajasthani cuisine’s contribution to Indian culinary history is unmatchable, add to that, the inhabitants of the water-strapped-land spun magic with the ingredients that were available to them. Food from Rajasthan was engineered with ingenuity – easy storage and long shelf-life formed the basis of several preparations. Back in the day, even before the Mughals made their foray into East India, the Rajputs had stellar meat dishes in order. Each of the kings in Rajasthan had a minimum of ten khansamas (cooks) who were assigned the task of creating new dishes for the king. It was customary that the khansamas presented the king with a minimum of five new preparations for their breakfast with the king’s allowance of mewa or dry fruits – the amount of mewa given to each king determined how mighty he was.

                                                                 Murgh Rajputana

                                                                Murgh Rajputana

We’ve given this classic a chef upgrade – chicken koftas flavoured with freshly-ground spices, ginger and garlic are tempered in an onion and yogurt-based gravy that is accentuated with the flavours of fennel seeds and star anise. Served with the modest vegetable pilaf, of course.


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