Your everyday lunch is quite the exotic meal abroad. It’s true! Love for Indian food is evident all over the world, but Indian influences NOW span far beyond curries and rice…


Take heed of these three Made-In-India items, that are all set for world domination.


Turmeric Milk


Grandma’s go-to cure for all ailments of the throat… was and still is, a hot cup of turmeric milk (and a whole lot of pampering) and now the whole world wants a little bit of this golden elixir. Turmeric milk is being bottled up, and variations of it, from ice-creams to teas are being sold at some of the fanciest outlets in countries such as the US and UK and the rest of the world is catching on. Grandma will be so proud.


Naan and Tandoor Breads


Naans are staples for the North-Indian community, the one thing consumed more than rice, is naan. The humble naan has undergone a modern makeover and is being experimented with by top chefs across the world. From baby naans, Nutella naans, stuffed naans and naan pizza — naans and other tandoor breads seem to be taking the world by storm.




Yes, ghee. Indian clarified butter as the rest of the world calls it, is creating quite a stir. Its ayurvedic properties are in the spotlight and people are using it as an alternative to vegetable and animal fats as the preferred frying medium. The latest? Adding it to coffee and we’re not even kidding!  


The next time you decide to turn up your nose at what mom puts on your plate, remember you might just be dissing the next big thing in world cuisine. If you'd like try similar dishes today, try our menu and order Indian food online, whenever you please!