Keeping track of food trends across the globe helps brands like us stay relevant and while most trends eventually trickle their way into India, here are three trends we think will take the Indian gastronomical landscape by storm…


Tummy-friendly Food


India as a culture is already rich in gut-friendly food! Every corner of our country is rich in pickling and fermenting traditions. Be it veggies available only seasonally or fish and meat that we’d love to eat all year – fermented foods and pickled foods are predicted to come back into our palettes in a big-big way.


Sans-Alcohol Elixirs


2018 promises to be the year for virgin drinks! More brands are moving into the non-alcoholic beverages market and restaurants across the country are increasing their mocktail menus. Alcohol consumption and the limited-benefits associated with it are slowly losing fans across the globe. Cleaner, singular, all-natural flavours are the new in-thing.


Taking Tea Seriously


Tea has been the big buzz for the last decade and experts predict that more specialised teas will make their way into our daily diets in 2018. From single-origin teas, to specialised geographies and flower and fruit teas – the list is exhaustive. Asia’s obsession with this miracle drink is now going global and how!


Global trends are often decided based on mass global consumption, but in 2018, a lot of global trends seem to be reflecting already existing Indian food-trends… that should be a good thing for us, right? Maybe, we actually knew what’s best for us… all along.