Every single year, the food world is abuzz with predictions on cuisines that might take over the globe in the next 12 months. This year too, such predictions are aplenty. Here is our list of five cuisines to look out for…


Regional Mexican


Several food magazines including Nation’s Restaurant News predict that uber-local foods from Mexico will make a big entry into menus across the world. Mexican food, so far, has been marketed as one-cuisine alone. This trend promises more state-specific fare from across Mexico.


Provincial Chinese


While several sub-Chinese cuisines are already popular (including Cantonese, Sichuanese and Manchurian), several new specific regional Chinese cuisines are all set to take over the International gastronomical palette, or at least that’s what Nation’s Restaurant News predicts.




BBCs Good Food swears that the Japanese-inspired Hawaiian Poke-Bowl is the next big thing. They say, “Poke bowls are everyday food in Hawaii – essentially sushi without the fussy presentation. Still relatively hard to find, even in London, In 2018 they will likely cross over into the mainstream. These bowls are endlessly customisable and can be super economical, too.”


Asian Island


This is definitely the first time we’ve heard of this generic a cuisine genre, but what we assume Restaurant Business means is Asian cuisines from Indonesia, The Philippines, Melanesia and Polynesia – and if that’s what they mean, we couldn’t agree more!


Israeli Goodness


Israeli Food has had its takers in India, forever, but apparently the world has just discovered this healthy cuisine. From heady pulse-based sauces to tangy olive-oil dunked all-round goodness, the Israelis love a mix of sour, sweet and savoury as much as any Indian does. Nation’s Restaurant News predicts this cuisine will make a huge entry in 2018 and for those of us in India who want to experiment, Hampi isn’t that far away. 

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