Every day is a fresh start. It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you. Here’s a simple list for a ‘fit and fab’ you!


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It is a no-brainer that eating salads regularly is beneficial for your health. With different dressings and toppings, we have a whole array of delicious salads that should no longer be your second choice.

Low Carb High Protein meals

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We're obsessed with protein and it surely does your body good! We’ve got a range of healthy dishes, high in protein and low in carbs for you to fulfil your fitness resolutions.


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The yummiest way to warmth and fitness is surely a hearty bowl of soup packed with goodness. Our chefs have hand-crafted soups that will surely warm your soul and keep your heart happy.

Healthy Snacks


If you’re looking for wellness on-the-go, we’ve got the best solution, yet. With lite-bites like our Nutty Trail Mix and our nutritious cookies, we will make you believe that snacking can be healthy too.

What’s more?

DEALicious offers on the menu to stick to your #FitnessGoals

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