Pizza - Biography Of The One That Brings You Together

It all started way before the great civilizations in the Middle Ages, when several ancient cultures decided to slap on some toppings on a flat bread. They perhaps didn’t quite realize then, but they were in the process of creating a delicious wonder… me!

Don’t get me wrong, I am no egomaniac. In fact, making others happy, bringing smiles and watching them make memories is what I thoroughly enjoy.


A History

As years passed, I became popular in Italy and that is where I got the name “Pizza” from, that now, the whole world uses, so widely. The Italians enjoyed the likes of me. I saw families and friends in the 19th century come together and share slices of me. This evolved more during the World War II. When the Allied Parties of Italy came to the country, I became so popular among them that soon enough these war stricken countrymen were sharing a common love for a bite of a slice.




Fast forwarding to today, it’s been years together and the world has changed and I am preferred throughout. I have changed as well along with it. Different countries have different versions of me. I’m not just Italian anymore, I’m sometimes, American; sometimes, French; sometimes even Indian... especially Indian, with the vibrancy of her different cultures and diversity! So many different flavours but everywhere you go, you will find me being prepared with a warm breaded crust, juicy, red tomato sauce with herbs and succulent toppings, lightly or wildly drizzled with white or yellow cheese. I’ve heard stomachs rumbling at the sight of me and I am not going to lie, I am quite flattered.



Bringing People Together!

So many changes, but my essence still remains the same, some say I am wholesome, some say irresistible, some, delicious - but the one unadulterated essence of them all is way beyond these. It’s when people come together to share and make delicious memories because of me. I have heard conversations during long cold monsoons; I have seen friends lending their shoulders to another; I have seen families and friends gather for a football match or a long movie on a fun weekend, as my slices get passed around across the room, all making memories.

It’s not just the taste that people love me for, it’s the fact that, a plate of pizza in front of a group is bound to tantalize more than one sense of the five. I am a thorough experience!



I sit here eagerly today, in the FreshMenu kitchen, well garnished with exquisite toppings, ready to be delivered to you and help you create happy moments with your loved ones. The best part of ordering me from FreshMenu is, it’ll be a completely guilt-free affair. I have a multi-grain base and, thin crust. I’m light on the tummy and heavy on the delicious!


Order away! I am waiting. Let’s make some unforgettable memories!