FreshTrends: Paleo Diet - Eating like a Caveman!

FreshTrends: Paleo Diet - Eating like a Caveman!

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet is slowly starting to convince its way into the lives of certain health freaks, worldwide. It is similar to the other, ever so increasingly popular, vegan diet, except, it completely discards anything that does not qualify as “natural” (I’ll come to that in a bit). That makes it intriguing for a conversational matter in terms of what a Paleo diet would include if anyone decides to follow it, specifically in India. Before anything, I want to quickly brush through what this diet is.


Its nomenclature is essentially derived form of the word ‘Paleolithic’ which refers to anything that has anything to do with the pre-historic era. Thus, the diet includes foods that are available naturally - not including foods that are processed, or produced by other animals (milk, for example) and/or things that started being obtained through agriculture (rice and sugar, for example). Conclusively, it is a diet that aims at “eating like a caveman”, things that are believed to have been eaten by the early man, such as meat or fruits.


However, even though it appears to be the perfect diet for people who have a tough time going to the gym (or working out, in general), it is also quite impractical to incorporate, especially in India, considering our staple diet happens to translate to mostly everything that does not include in the Paleo diet.

Thus, here are a few foods that could help you out to stick to a paleo diet and can be easily ordered or made at home.



Soups are perfect appetizers and perfect to help keep up with fitness regimes. Soups mostly contain only natural ingredients and can have mixture of all the essential veggies and meat that fall under the paleo diet. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any sugar.





Meat can be a great source of protein, provided you know what kind to order. It is important to know that choosing the right kind of meat is important. White meat is always better than red or dark meat as it contains less cholesterol and fat. It is a good source of protein.




It is needless to say, salads are a great way to keep your body hydrated and provide the right amount of fiber to keep your body fresh. In terms of paleo diet, they contain most of the ingredients that grew naturally even during the pre-historic era. Be it a vegetable or a fruit salad, they are quite easy to be acquired and can be a great way to stick to your diet without faltering.


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