Feature 4

2 years. 10,000 deliveries. Unlimited smiles. That sums up Satish’s journey at FreshMenu.

He is one of the most popular delivery champions, always polite and forever with a smile on his face. He shifted to Bangalore from Dharwad, wanting to move to greener pastures and make his wife happy. Satish shares his best moments with customers and tells us why he loves what he does:



‘’ I have met some of the nicest people during my deliveries. I am touched by the kindness of customers, especially during monsoons. When it’s pouring outside, they ask me if I want a towel or some coffee. They tell me to stay until the rains stop’’

"Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome."

-Arthur Ashe

‘’ When I am out, the customers are very friendly and when I am at the kitchens, my colleagues and I have a great time. Everyone at FreshMenu, including the CEO is so down-to-earth and friendly. It’s no wonder I love my job. I want to touch 15,000 deliveries soon!’’ he says happily.

His favorite dishes? ‘’ Paneer Tikka Wrap and Mango Trifle Pudding!’’

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